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SPI® SPEED POWER INTENSITY... a specially organized training program, ideal for any fitness professional.

The entire program is divided into five sections.

  • Section 1: Warm-up with using the agility ladder.
  • Section 2: Interval body weight training.
  • Section 3: Circuit training using powerbags, kettlebells, agility ladder, heavy ropes etc.
  • Section 4: Core training…plank, dorsal raise, abs etc.
  • Section 5: Recovery, stretching, yoga relaxation.

Accompanied by 1hour music "timer / coach” that informs you about the changes in each part, the duration of the sets and for the breaks.

All you have to do is choose the exercises.

  • Powerbags (>46 excercises)
  • Kettlebells (>60 excercises)
  • Heavy ropes (>30 excercises)
  • Agility ladder (>25 excercises)
  • Core exercises (>85 excercises)

It is a flexible training program which addresses to all.

AthensTrainers® provides you the opportunity to enrich your exercise program through dvd training, specifically made for you.

Are you ready???