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These are exercise bags that look like small punching bags, with custom grips in various positions to allow good grab and execution of various strengthening exercises. Powerbags are stuffed with sand, which causes instability to the person during the exercise and helps improve neuromuscular coordination. There are different sizes and weights of powerbags in order to allow training to be adjustable to variousstrengths and to different levels of trainees.


Known as drams, with a particular shape which resembles iron cannonballs. They come from the weightlifting world but in the recent years have conquered the fitness area as well. Kettlebells enable the simultaneous activation of several muscle groups when performing each exercise. The exercise schedule may vary depending on the purpose of training.

Heavy Ropes

The training method with ropes (Battling rope training) is a complete training system created and developed by John Brookfield. The main goals of this method are the following:
Improvement of aerobic and anaerobic capacity.
Development of muscle strength and muscle endurance.
Increase of speed, explosiveness and agility.
Building mental strength, reaching and surpassing your limits.
Improving muscular fitness.

Agility Ladders

Οι σκάλες ευκινησίας χρησιμοποιούνται σε διάφορους αθλητικούς χώρους για ασκήσεις ευκινησίας και ταχύτητας. Είναι ένα έξυπνο και διασκεδαστικό μέσο για την υλοποίηση αερόβιων προγραμμάτων με πολυάριθμους συνδυασμούς βημάτων και μετακινήσεων.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls have different weights and sizes and are used to perform functional throwing, stabilizing and strengthening exercises. Due to their shape, training can be transformed into a game.


Enhanced training with bands/straps (SUSPENSION TRAINING) is a globally known training system that allows each trainee to practice using the weight of his own body, performing compound exercises in all directions. In essence it is a type of functional training, which enables three-dimensional movement at all levels and axes of the human body (Mid-sagittal, frontal, transverse). Movements can be vertical, diagonal, oblique, rotating, dynamic or not, which makes the workout with the bands/straps easily applicable to all levels of trainees (from mass to professional athlete training).